Enduring Business Values versus Disruptive Business Models: The Curious Case of Uber

Off the bat, I would like to say that it is easy to be wise after the fact. It is easy to sit down and pontificate over the challenges Uber faced much of 2017 and how they could have avoided it. It is easy to become an expert on the backs of the series of missteps by Uber. In writing this, I struggled with these thoughts. But I kept having the nagging feeling that there are broader issues for us all. It was then that I realized that raising this issue was altruistic and for the greater good of all. The gnawing feeling is that this Ubergate brings to … [Read more...]

National People Management and Development (Part 2)

After grappling with the problem of unemployment for years since we first took office in 1959, all of us in cabinet knew that the only way to survive was to industrialize – Lee Kuan Yew, From Third to First World   “Dr Tan Wee Kiat, former head of NParks, recalled how even though funds were short in those years, Lee Kuan Yew prioritised nationwide efforts to green the city’s roads and vacant spaces. Lee’s successor, Goh Chok Tong, once remarked that Singapore was the only sovereign nation he knew of that read a gardening report in the Cabinet”- … [Read more...]

How to Run Down Your Own Company . . . Gradually, Part 2

“Every institution is vulnerable, no matter how great. No matter how much you’ve achieved, no matter how far you’ve gone, no matter how much power you’ve garnered, you are vulnerable to decline. There is no law of nature that the most powerful will inevitably remain at the top.” – Jim Collins, How the Mighty Fall In the preceding part of this article, published a month ago, I sought to establish that a company can be run down and gradually destroyed by its founder. That the same person who invested sweat, money, time, savings, relationships, career, … [Read more...]

How to Run Down Your Own Company . . . Gradually (Part 1)

“It turns out that a company can indeed look like the picture of health on the outside yet already be in decline…” – Jim Collins, How the Mighty Fall I do not yet know anyone with the intention to run down his or her company. Normal people do not set out to destroy the company or business that they themselves started. Normally people want to see growth for a business or project or initiative that they started. Why then do some people run their businesses down? Why then do some of us manage our businesses as though our intention is to run it down? How … [Read more...]

LAZINESS and CASUALNESS: The 2nd Biggest Problem in Nigeria

The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head – King Solomon After corruption and selfish and clueless leadership, what would you rate as the next biggest problem? Many answers would come to your mind. No doubt, many answers would come to your mind. I daresay most of what would come to mind will be a reflection of the socioeconomic challenges currently facing the nation. But think again about my proposition. The second biggest problem in Nigeria is that loads of our youth are lazy and casual about their … [Read more...]

Mr. President-Elect: People, Policies, or Projects…Which Way?

“Inheriting a country whose infrastructure is damaged and in desperate need of repair, many look towards Obama’s appointment of cabinet members as a sign of change.” - Michael Gallagher   Mr. President-Elect’s Hand is a Tough One In any game of cards, success has a lot to do with the type of cards you are dealt. The set of cards a player has in a game is called a hand. The odds are better with a better set. However, a good hand doesn’t guarantee a win. A win takes experience and skill. A telepathic peek into the hand dealt to Mr. President-elect … [Read more...]

Free eBook: The Unemployment Manifesto

I wrote this free eBook; The Unemployment Manifesto to expose the staggering state of unemployment among Nigerian youths and offer a way out! Unemployment: The REALITY The level of idleness or unproductivity among young adults in Nigeria has risen to a proportion that demands the enactment of a state of emergency on unemployment.   Unemployment: The STATS Here are some very troubling statistics; With an estimated 170 million people, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. The Nigerian National Youth policy (2001:2), defines … [Read more...]