On The Freedom To (Un) dress

It is reported that a number of academic institutions (University of Ibadan, Unilag, French language village) have enacted a ‘dress code’ within their campuses in an effort to curb ‘indecent appearances’. Since this move was made public, there have been responses from all quarters. Some who are vehemently against this development are of the strong opinion that undergraduates should be allowed the freedom to dress or undress. It is true that the right to choose lies with each individual. It is true that our undergraduates (especially the females) have a … [Read more...]

How much change can one person bring?

Some believe there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of the world’s ills … against misery, against ignorance, or injustice & violence. Yet many of the world’s great movements, of thought and action, have flowed from the work of a single man. A young monk began the Protestant reformation, a young general extended an empire from Macedonia to the borders of the earth, and a young woman reclaimed the territory of France. It was a young Italian explorer who discovered the New World, and 32 years old Thomas Jefferson who … [Read more...]

Become a Possibility Thinker!

You need to be become a possibility thinker. To do this you must remove any disadvantage thinking from your mind. Many people have built and accepted some things as disadvantages to their lives. What are some of these disadvantages and in what is the truth about those things? How can I break away from every disadvantage around me so I can be ALL that God has made me? Some people say to themselves ‘I am too old’. The truth is, you are never too old to change. You are not too old to change until you give up. Only when you reach a point where you don’t … [Read more...]

How To Win The Customer: Provide A Magic Experience

Your business will grow like magic when you give a customer or employee something far beyond their expectations. When you give them value in excess of what they felt they deserved or paid for, you have created a Magic Experience. The aim of a Magic Experience is to make the transaction between you and your customers memorable. Magic Experiences leave a lasting positive impression, one that makes customers want to do business with you again. And Magic Experiences also make people very happy to tell all their friends about the fun, exciting, and … [Read more...]

The Error that brought the Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the nineteenth century. In 1867 he patented his new explosive – ‘dynamite’. Soon he had patents in every industrialized country. By 1880 he was head of the largest dynamite-producing cartel in the world. Royalties, dividends and profits grew. And then one day a simple mistake changed his life forever. A French newspaper confused the death of Nobel’s brother, Ludvig, with his own. Alfred got the opportunity to do what many of us would love to do – he sat down with a cup of coffee, read his … [Read more...]

Who will save the Customer?

The Inspector General of Police Force Headquarters Abuja – Nigeria  Dear IG, I write to you sir with heaviness in my heart. I don’t know whom to turn to seek redress and repair for the injustice that the customer has suffered in the hands of residents and people of Nigeria. Who then can save the customer? To whom shall we turn for the long awaited emancipation of the customer? As the customer is being battered on all sides by service providers, regulators and products, to who then shall the customer turn for salvation? The perennial perils faced by … [Read more...]

The Power of Learning

People who earn hundred times your salary aren’t hundred times smarter or more productive. The only difference between you and them is that they know something you don’t. Then it is our responsibility to learn that “something”. You have to find out what successful people know that has made them successful. The only way to do that is to get educated on the topic. Go into the home of any self-made person, and chances are you’ll find a library containing books on business, success, and wealth creation. The question you need to ask yourself is: Which came … [Read more...]