10 Reasons Why You Should Work for Chimezie & Boys . . . FIRST!

Here is the thing: I know you would like to get a job with the Shell Development Corporation. For parents and guardians, I know you would like your ward to get a job with McKinsey and Company, but here is why she should work for Chimezie & Boys . . . first. Chimezie & Boys is a metaphor representing start-ups or the small business – the smallest of businesses in fact. I consider it my task to help you or your ward get on the tracks of life surely and firmly and help you gain the momentum you need to drive your life’s success. My objective is to … [Read more...]

WeREADY 2015: The Recruitment Funnel

Has it occurred to you that regardless of your grade from school, if you are looking to get hired by any serious employer, you would need to go through the Recruitment Funnel? What is this Recruitment Funnel? Has it also occurred to you that regardless of your qualifications and years of experience, if you are looking to change your job or get a new job, you would need to go through the Recruitment Funnel? So what is this Recruitment Funnel? It is the selection or screening process organisations use to determine who gets employed into their … [Read more...]

How To Identify Your Strengths

The effective executive builds on strengths – their own strengths, the strengths of superiors, colleagues, subordinates; and on the strengths of the situation - Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive Introduction “While there are many good levers for engaging people and driving performance – levers such as selecting for talent, setting clear expectations, praising where praise is due, and defining the team’s mission – the master lever is getting each person to play to his strengths. Pull this lever, and an engaged and productive team will be the … [Read more...]

Managers are Born

Of course managers are not born. But the way a number of new managers and their organisations carry on, you would actually think some people arrive as managers from the womb. There is this consciously and unconsciously emitted aura around a manager that seems to suggest that being a manager is the exclusive preserve of a rare about-to-be-extinct species from outer space. We have inadvertently (I hope) mystified the managers’ role and this is to the detriment of younger managers and their organisations. Paradoxically, great built-to-last institutions … [Read more...]

Changing a Job is a Job (Part 2)

The first part of this two-part article focused on the work and principles shared by Herminia Ibara in her book, Working Identity. Loads of people would like to reinvent their working lives but don’t know the steps to take and when they do know, they aren’t certain of the outcomes of those steps. Herminia asserts that, “most of us know what we are trying to escape: the lockstep of a narrowly defined career, inauthentic or unstimulating work, numbing corporate politics, a lack of time for life outside of work. Finding an alternative that truly fits, like … [Read more...]

Changing a Job is a Job

My antenna is always roaming to and fro seeking for new or disruptive ideas that seem to question well-worn methods or beliefs. Less than ten years ago I stumbled on this research published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR). It had the title, How to stay stuck in the wrong career and was the work by Herminia Ibara. Some few years ago I decided to buy her book, Working Identity, in which she expounded on the research. To aid assimilation of her concept, this article is a copious, largely unedited version of Herminia’s work as published in HBR. Who … [Read more...]

Must I Obtain a Master’s Degree?

Lest we be accused of ‘playing the flute while Rome burns’ it is pertinent that we take a swipe at this topic and attempt to kindle light  through the maze.  A lot of fresh graduates and mid to senior level professionals are either asking themselves this question or are making this decision every day. The decision about whether one needs to obtain a Master’s degree or not is an ongoing, unresolved, debate and the earlier we devise a customizable template the better for a lot of people. Likewise the decision about which Master’s degree to choose and the … [Read more...]