Become a Possibility Thinker!

possibilityYou need to be become a possibility thinker. To do this you must remove any disadvantage thinking from your mind. Many people have built and accepted some things as disadvantages to their lives. What are some of these disadvantages and in what is the truth about those things? How can I break away from every disadvantage around me so I can be ALL that God has made me?

Some people say to themselves ‘I am too old’.

The truth is, you are never too old to change. You are not too old to change until you give up. Only when you reach a point where you don’t care anymore – then, and only then – are you old. You are not old until you have lost your vision. That’s why thousands of octogenarians (80-89 year old) have astonished the world with the sudden discovery of talents that lay buried deep within them for over eighty years before they were discovered. Grand Pa Moses is only one example.

Some people say to themselves ‘ I’m handicapped’.

The most serious handicap any person can have is an impossibility complex. My wife has a cousin named Frank Vander Maaten. At the age of 18 he was one of the most accomplished violinists in Sioux County, Iowa, US. Then a terrible accident happened in his father’s blacksmith shop. A red-hot iron fell on his left hand. The four fingers that touched the strings of his violin were cut off! Only his thumb remained on his mutilated hand. Handicapped? Not in his thinking! He determined to learn to play the violin left-handed. And he did, holding the bow in his mutilated hand. He became a prominent violinist in the Sioux City, Iowa, Symphony.

A blind person once said: “ I thought when I lost my sight I would be doomed to unhappiness. Now I have discovered that I am happier without my sight. Most of my unhappy thoughts came in through my eyes – I saw new styles and became dissatisfied with what I had. I saw handsome faces of other people and was dissatisfied with my own looks. Most joy-producing thoughts come into people’s minds in the dark anyway. Don’t you close your eyes when you kiss the one you love? Don’t you close your eyes when you listen to good music? Don’t you close your eyes when you pray? This blind person has learned to paint without eyesight. You are not handicapped until you think you are”.

Some people say to themselves ‘I don’t have the time, money, or energy to do what I’d like to do”.

Are you sure? You can begin with nothing. Dreams cost nothing. All great projects begin with a dream. Good ideas magnetically attract support from unexpected sources. You can also do a lot with the little you have. A young person with big dreams and a little money, putting all that he has into his idea, will find support coming from the kinds of people who can lead him to success. You can also earn more money than you think you can. Money should not stop you, for there is more money floating around than you realise. The man who gets it is the man who believes that he can. You will attract money when your idea fills a VITAL need. You can get money if you dare to ask for it. Remember ‘ask and you shall be given’. Finally, make God your partner.

Some people say to themselves ‘I am from a lowly background’.

So what? No one’s background or past is a disadvantage unless he makes it so in his thinking! Remember, any disadvantage rightly handled can be turned into an advantage.

Some people say to themselves ‘I am from a broken home. I had an awful childhood’.

An ill-famed mother abandoned her baby on the doorstep of the father’s home only for the child to be cast out on the streets by the jealous wife of the child’s father. The youngster grew up in the slums – poor, rejected, unloved, abandoned. What happened? This lad met Jesus Christ! Christ came into that boy’s life. And he grew up to be the greatest Japanese minister and poet of the twentieth century. His name, Kagawa, is an inspiration to millions.

Some people say to themselves ‘I don’t know the right people’.

So what? Get acquainted with big people, if you have a reason. Don’t be afraid. Successful and important people are usually interested in helping other people with good ideas. All you need is the nerve to write a letter, place a long-distance telephone call, send a telegram/e-mail, and you will be in touch with great people who are always looking for new friends and projects to enrich their lives. The really great people are interested in creative and constructive ideas.

Perhaps the most famous minister in the world at the time I was beginning our church was Norman Vincent Peale. I wrote him a letter and was amazed to receive an immediate reply. We have become wonderful friends. When I needed a great architect I tried for the man who I felt was the world’s greatest – Richard Nuetra. I was astonished when I easily reached him on a long-distance phone. We have become wonderful friends.

Some people say to themselves ‘I have a good education’. …

the man who wins is the man who is sure that he can. There was this man whose college entrance test was so low. Nevertheless he was admitted through influence. He developed a terribly low estimate of himself. As a result he never really tried. He was sure that he was a C student, and that is just what he turned out to be. Remember admission tests don’t measure the qualities that really make the difference between success and failure. They don’t measure “imagination”, “determination”, “integrity”, “sincerity”, “intuitive gifts of diplomacy”, etc. As it turned out, this man’s real gifts became apparent, not in hi IMPOSSIBILITY THINKING academic world, but out in the hard-hitting world where his enterprising and resourceful spirit and his POSSIBILITY THINKING attitude has made him one of the most successful men in his chosen profession.

Culled from Robert Schuller’s ‘Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking’