Speaking & Training

Speaking –

Since my passion is to get people to ‘extend themselves beyond themselves‘ and my resolve is to ‘enable exceptional expressions’ in and through African youth, organisations and communities, I speak on inspirational topics that further these objectives in and through youth, groups, organisations and Africa. I have spoken and continue to speak to instigate youths, groups and organisations unto exceptional expressions of their talents, their careers, their businesses and their lives in general.

Corporate training –

My training focus covers performance improvement courses that enable sublime performance through individuals, supervisors, groups and organisations.

Such as:

•Coaching & Mentoring;
•The Art & Science of Supervision;
•Leadership development;
•Human Resource excellence (for all levels);
•Management Development programs;
•Effective Presentation Skills (for all levels);
•Effective Business writing;
•MS Powerpoint (for all levels);
•Effective Performance Management;
•Exemplary Goal Setting;
•Balanced Scorecard;
•Customer Service excellence;
•Delivering & Managing Superior Service;