The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering builds team spirit, interpersonal and communication skills, leadership skills, humility and a spirit of caring … all that we need in employees and citizens of the nation – Nike De’Souza Introduction Sometimes good passes by unnoticed. Sorry, a lot of times good passes by unnoticed. Volunteering is one of those good that could pass us by unnoticed, unutilized and un-harnessed. Volunteering bears many advantages for teenagers, the youth, fresh graduates, employees, recruiters, employers, human resource leaders, organisations, and society … [Read more...]

Why You Should Work in a High-Standard-High-Pressure Workplace

Prologue Sigmund Freud it was who propounded the doctrine of pain and pleasure. The pleasure principle says that we will seek immediate gratification of needs, for which our bodies reward us with feelings of pleasure, while the pain principle propounds that we also seek to avoid pain. This may be true but it is definitely incomplete. Can we not be motivated by things that do not fit squarely under pain or pleasure? Or rather, “What if our definition of pleasure or pain is flawed?” by this I mean to ask, “Is there pain that is welcome and pleasure that … [Read more...]

LAZINESS and CASUALNESS: The 2nd Biggest Problem in Nigeria

The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head – King Solomon After corruption and selfish and clueless leadership, what would you rate as the next biggest problem? Many answers would come to your mind. No doubt, many answers would come to your mind. I daresay most of what would come to mind will be a reflection of the socioeconomic challenges currently facing the nation. But think again about my proposition. The second biggest problem in Nigeria is that loads of our youth are lazy and casual about their … [Read more...]

Wait and Zap Performance Management

“I hate performance appraisals. They work against the very thing we desire – improved performance. Peter Block, W. Edwards Deming, Philip Crosby and Steven Covey harangue[lecture] against them, and if they can’t change organisational fascination with this annual bloodletting ritual, I don’t imagine my words will help either. Nonetheless, I’ll try” – Rick Maurer Listen to this conversation: Manager: Mary, you had a good year except for the problem on the AnnatermGas account. Employee: I thought that was no longer a problem. I’m not sure why we have … [Read more...]

Mr. President-Elect: People, Policies, or Projects…Which Way?

“Inheriting a country whose infrastructure is damaged and in desperate need of repair, many look towards Obama’s appointment of cabinet members as a sign of change.” - Michael Gallagher   Mr. President-Elect’s Hand is a Tough One In any game of cards, success has a lot to do with the type of cards you are dealt. The set of cards a player has in a game is called a hand. The odds are better with a better set. However, a good hand doesn’t guarantee a win. A win takes experience and skill. A telepathic peek into the hand dealt to Mr. President-elect … [Read more...]

The Future of Recruiting: Social Media and You

Here is the plot. LinkedIn conducted its last global survey on recruiting trends in 2013 and it came up with the five most important trends shaping the future of recruiting. If you would be a career person in the next 10-20 years, then this should be important to you. Hiring managers and recruiters would also be interested in this, so that they can be more successful at attracting, hiring and retaining top talent. Human resources departments seeking to get more buck for their hiring investments would also find this an invaluable treatise. From … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Work for Chimezie & Boys . . . FIRST!

Here is the thing: I know you would like to get a job with the Shell Development Corporation. For parents and guardians, I know you would like your ward to get a job with McKinsey and Company, but here is why she should work for Chimezie & Boys . . . first. Chimezie & Boys is a metaphor representing start-ups or the small business – the smallest of businesses in fact. I consider it my task to help you or your ward get on the tracks of life surely and firmly and help you gain the momentum you need to drive your life’s success. My objective is to … [Read more...]