Is There A Place for Feelings In The Workplace?

Is there a place for feelings in the workplace? Has a misunderstanding of feelings brought more harm than good into our workplaces? Do we even know what feelings are? Do they bear advantages that managers and employees canleverage on? The first part of this discourse attempts to provide us an understanding of feelings in the workplace. From the book, Organisational Behaviour Real Research for Real Managers by Jone L. Pearce is presented an excerpt from the article Making Sense of Feelings at Work: Why would managers need to worry about squishy stuff … [Read more...]

NIS Recruitment Crash: The HR Manifesto

With the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment held on the 15th of March 2014, which claimed precious lives, a humongous price has been paid for our ignorance and existing mindset, with regards to recruitment in Nigeria. We must learn from this. We will learn from this. And here is the matter: our philosophy to recruitment in Nigeria is fundamentally flawed and everyone is at fault. To learn successfully from this avoidable incidence, we must unearth the foundational issues surrounding how we in the public and private sectors view … [Read more...]

Changing a Job is a Job (Part 2)

The first part of this two-part article focused on the work and principles shared by Herminia Ibara in her book, Working Identity. Loads of people would like to reinvent their working lives but don’t know the steps to take and when they do know, they aren’t certain of the outcomes of those steps. Herminia asserts that, “most of us know what we are trying to escape: the lockstep of a narrowly defined career, inauthentic or unstimulating work, numbing corporate politics, a lack of time for life outside of work. Finding an alternative that truly fits, like … [Read more...]

Changing a Job is a Job

My antenna is always roaming to and fro seeking for new or disruptive ideas that seem to question well-worn methods or beliefs. Less than ten years ago I stumbled on this research published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR). It had the title, How to stay stuck in the wrong career and was the work by Herminia Ibara. Some few years ago I decided to buy her book, Working Identity, in which she expounded on the research. To aid assimilation of her concept, this article is a copious, largely unedited version of Herminia’s work as published in HBR. Who … [Read more...]

Must I Obtain a Master’s Degree?

Lest we be accused of ‘playing the flute while Rome burns’ it is pertinent that we take a swipe at this topic and attempt to kindle light  through the maze.  A lot of fresh graduates and mid to senior level professionals are either asking themselves this question or are making this decision every day. The decision about whether one needs to obtain a Master’s degree or not is an ongoing, unresolved, debate and the earlier we devise a customizable template the better for a lot of people. Likewise the decision about which Master’s degree to choose and the … [Read more...]

MERGERS AND ACQUISITION: The need for People Due Diligence

Financial due diligence alone isn’t enough. People due diligence is the make or break lever. Almost all mergers fail to produce intended business results, experts say. Studies indicate that several companies fail to show positive results when it comes to mergers. Researchers estimate the range of failure to be 50–80%. After so many corporate marriages, the world having gone full circle, are now asking the one wise question “Why do mergers and acquisitions fail”? What does it take for a company to be successful, post merger? Success or failure of … [Read more...]

On The Freedom To (Un) dress

It is reported that a number of academic institutions (University of Ibadan, Unilag, French language village) have enacted a ‘dress code’ within their campuses in an effort to curb ‘indecent appearances’. Since this move was made public, there have been responses from all quarters. Some who are vehemently against this development are of the strong opinion that undergraduates should be allowed the freedom to dress or undress. It is true that the right to choose lies with each individual. It is true that our undergraduates (especially the females) have a … [Read more...]